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Android : I know that literally every generation of Marxists thinks that it is witnessing the permanent fracture of the liberal order, and they've all been wrong, but I really do think we are witnessing the permanent fracture of the liberal order lol

Android : β€œBut what about rape and domestic violence, don’t we need cops for that?”

In my 5+ years as a domestic violence counselor, there was not one instance where I saw a victim of either sexual assault, rape, or domestic violence get the help they needed by the police.

Android : it would be a shame if the protesters in Missouri destroyed this statue of the confederate war general Sterling Price and it would be a greater shame if they found out I, as his great, great granddaughter, gave them my full permission

Android : Obama literally went to Flint and said the water was fine. Obama literally participated in the repression of the Ferguson and Baltimore protests. Obama literally helped with the militarization of the police that led to how they’re cracking down on us today. Obama literally... twitter.com/blazinasianjol…

Android : I honestly can't believe Obama has the audacity to do a town hall, and it's being taken serious. The fact that this man is able to act like he didn't contribute to the problem and couldn't have possibly solved this is...well, fantastic since so many are buying it.

Android : this is sweden, bernie's utopia: a social welfare state funded by colonial loot and operating within the framework of white supremacy & capitalism.

this is what reform would achieve. twitter.com/lovettejallow/…

Android : I live in a small, trumpy town in Northern California. Our Black Lives Matter protest group is like 15 teenagers out by the Panera and I am so proud of them.

Android : no one cares about rape survivors until it’s time to trot us out to defend the police. the police rape too. and they do it *because* they are the police. they have the power and the institution to protect them, so they do it because they can get away with it.

Android : oh, really? police with budgets in the billions? and we've got people living on the street? people being evicted? people with no health care? no clean water? no childcare? no safety net? no resources?

disband them all. abolish police now.

Android : i feel like people don’t understand just how much cops get away with, like for every horrendous individual cop encounter that becomes a national conversation, there are probably like 100s of crimes committed against civilians that go unreported out of fear, lack of trust, etc.

Android : this small black owned pharmacy in roseland was looted, can we please share and contribute to get them back on their feet? it’s a lot of elderly in the area that rely on this place for all their health necessities. gofundme.com/f/20vvy6uktc?u…

Android : this is James Scurlock , he was shot and killed in Omaha, Nebraska during the protest of George Floyd . His killer is a white supremacist ( Jake Gardner) who isn’t getting charged. please spread the word so that he can get justice !!!!!!!