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Twitter Web App : Gonna put some overpriced stuff up on Wayfair.

Twitter Web App : Well not really. Being tried for selling out the guy to be killed by some rebels. Dax was innocent of that by way of being in bed fucking his wife while the transmission was sent.

Twitter Web App : It's a Dax gets tried for cucking some guy episode

Twitter Web App : Crack addiction might be an upgrade tbh. Look at that My Pillow guy.

Twitter Web App : If Bloodborne ever gets a PC release the first mod will be to add in Lovecraft's cat in the Hunter's Dream area.

Twitter Web App : Going to use HP Lovecraft stuff to make my tabletop RPG game. It's just going to be based on his cat.

Twitter Web App : I wonder if this guy knows that historical China only really covers about 1/3rd the area that the country known as the People's Republic of China currently occupies.

Twitter Web App : >living in luxury with Big Dog

Hmmmm twitter.com/bokubroz/statu…

Twitter Web App : 2005 Alex Jones everybody show some fucking respect

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Twitter Web App : Lordly Brush UK isn't allowing the Chinese to build their telecom network and removing all of their components over the next few years.