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iPhone : She had a whole chapter in her campaign book about preventing pandemics and all the steps she would take to stop it early and trump did the opposite and everything possibly wrong and still is doing everything wrong.

iPhone : As much as I can’t stand Hillary Clinton I can’t help but wonder if coronavirus would even be a thing anymore if she was president

iPhone : The way y’all go out of your way to be stupid when you could’ve just sat there and ate your food. He’s literally Egyptian…

iPhone : A 17-year-old in Georgia lost both of his parents to COVID-19 four days apart.

"When they told me I couldn't come in, to look at or see them, I was torn up," Justin Hunter said.

iPhone : Al*-x*s Funny how he convienetly hates every woman character ever. He even hangs out with geeks and gamers after his captain marvel hate videos

iPhone : I can’t believe I just saw Americans saying that America humanely slaughters animals. First of all, there’s no such thing as humanely slaughtering animals. And second of all, have u seen videos of slaughter houses?? They literally torture and abuse those animals

iPhone : I wish more artists incorporated more middle eastern sounds in their music. Look how cool that sounds…

iPhone : Right. They’re bound to disappoint you anyways . It’s inevitable…