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1Luv #TrumpRegimeAreMurderers

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Android : Did anybody see him put his hands on the cop like cop is saying he did ?

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Android : Tensions mount in Union Square, NY as people rally for the murder of #GeorgeFloyd


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Android : Terrifying moments for a young Black man and his family in Texas, as numerous cops point guns on him and then assault his 90-year-old grandmother.

His alleged offense: rolling through a stop sign. ⁠

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Android : In latest legal blow to Trump and dirty energy, federal appeals court upholds block on Keystone XL permit rawstory.com/2020/05/in-lat…

Android : are no morals or dignity among them. The entire Cabinet are ill prepared unqualified zealots whose driving force is how much money they can Grift from the US treasury & give it to Trumps billionaire donors We only have one chance to get this right because at this point the 6/7

Android : for campaign fund misappropriation & not counting questionable use of charity Mandy or issues with her sweatshop factories Don Jr & Eric are in violation of all kinds of business practices as well as stealing from a childs cancer charity. Melanie is an illegal alien There 5/7

Android : Carry out his nefarious BS agenda without all the Synchophants that protect him why would they risk their integrity, dignity reputation & lives for an utter failure His entire family are criminals Ivanka was arrested twice for shop lifting Prior to being under investigation 4/7

Android : befuddled Moron to continue to put residents of the US at risk Why have we become apathetic to the death of 100,000 human beings Why are we allowing a racist inept Nazi make decisions that are lethal for the well being of millions Nothing he has done is a success he cannot 3/7

Android : Where are the patriots Seriously if a military commander allowed the wholesale slaughter of 100,000 citizens or troops for that matter they would have that Command taken away and anyone supporting them would be considered questionable for duty Why then are we allowing a lying 2/7

Android : Okay folks seriously We have a stark raving foaming lunatic with nuclear codes who is responsible for the systematic murder of over 100,00 people & is still allowed to keep the office It is time to shake up the whole damn system where the hell are the Joint Chiefs of staff 1/7

Android : The Lincoln Project The Lincoln Project put out a survey as to which Republican up for re-election should they feature in their next advert. Well #RichMitch “lost”.
Here it is!
(I hope they do Lindsey Graham next.)

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Android : This lunatic wants the right to lie. He has that right and he does so hourly. However, he is not free to use public platforms to lie, target, and harass others. His desire to be a liar now means the 1st Amendment as we know it is under attack.