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Twitter Web App : B is better called Beanmouth than CalArts bc obvi u dont have 2 have been a grad 2 draw in that style, & not all grads draw that way

re: Spongebob, look at variety of character designs in cast compared to cast of Simpsons & Beanmouth not guilty of lazy char. design

Twitter Web App : Why you should love the cartoons that Bob Clampett directed that were put out in 1946:

-He made Elmer Fudd crack
-He had Manny Gould animate the funniest Sylvester scene in history
-He made one of the funniest animated dick jokes in history
-He turned Daffy into an eyeball

iPhone : Look at the murderer’s row of great CN original shows on display here (okay maybe not Time Squad) compared to the shit they got now…

Twitter Web App : can you imagine thinking this kind of shit is the only way to tell a joke without the visuals getting in the way of the writing?

congratulations you are now ready to showrun 75% of adult animation

Twitter Web App : obakechan u sorta can't blame normies 4 thinking this way bc cartoons r just that magical..even Family Guy seem magical 2 person who says they can't even draw stick figure..culture much more familiar w/ live-action movie process like scripting, editing..assume same process apply 2 cartoons

Twitter Web App : Roxys mom tries to cheer her up with a Dora Diversity doll, She teaches you positive values...Shes made of recycled character designs

Im a citizen of the world!
Lets be friends, I like even white people
Lets share a second language

lol, John

Twitter Web App : classic cartoon idea Ren & Stimpy revived & industry never followed was if characters r strong, can b put in variety of settings - Daffy could b cowboy in 1 episode, Robin Hood in another

TV prefers conservative sitcom-y show bible rule there MUST b permanent setting / arena

Twitter Web App : Observation VS Rote Animation Cartoon Style
(John 06:01:10)

Fundamental cartoon basics, like construction, line of action, silhouettes etc...are just your starting points. You dont want to be trapped in formula...Not everything is made of the same few shapes.

Twitter Web App : This cute, but while Cuphead & New Looney Tunes r great, current danger that normies always conflate animation SKILL w/ "STYLE"...public think skilled animation is just "retro"

Next step should b: make NEW, MODERN cartoons that are ALSO well-animated (w/o having to b throwbacks)…

Twitter Web App : this edict 4 all cartoon sitcoms was started by The Simpsons when they first told the animators 2 tone down the cartooniness after seeing season 1s Some Enchanted Evening test footage

behold that decisions legacy, cartoonists

cartoon writers r still ur unworthy masters

Twitter Web App : Only in post-1960s American toon biz is idea accepted - & internalized among cartoonists - that “visuals” mustn’t “get in the way” of the “writing”

Hack writers took over medium so long ago, their supremacy hasn’t been questioned since ralph & john’s brief uprising was squashed…

Twitter Web App : so do all these professional Simpsons geeks just have to pretend the show retired with dignity around 1999 or what

iPhone : the John K respecter It's like with comics and other mediums, too many hacks see writing for a 'cartoon' as a rung for them to climb up the ladder to writing for live-action sitcoms - how many terrible comics published through the 00's-10s were just someone's failed "high concept" tv/film pitch?

iPhone : Cartoonists, if u’re counting on “cartoon writers” to WRITE a cartoony cartoon into existence for you to animate - the best you’re going to get is, like, Animaniacs - and you‘ll barely b allowed 2 go “off-model” when their script says “he does a WILD take!” maybe once per episode

iPhone : Look at the murderer’s row of great CN original shows on display here (okay maybe not Time Squad) compared to the shit they got now…

iPhone : Oak Pretty much when the concept of the “Saturday morning cartoons” programming block was created for network television & TV production modes were applied to Hollywood cartoon studios with no love for or understanding of animation

iPhone : cinema nut Action-Coaster In modern age cartoonists have to illustrate & animate scripts written by ppl who can’t draw and if THAT weren’t bad enough - they are kept on a tight leash NOT to make things “too cartoony” lest it distract from the “writing.”……