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iPhone : My 5 year old niece voice messaged me the other day and I texted her back. This was her response lol

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iPhone : I KNEW it was coming but I still jumped every. single. time.…

iPhone : A US soldier dies in a foreign country and its a huge deal. A US soldier is sexually assaulted & murderered by OUR OWN FUCKING SOLDIERS ON US SOIL & the government is being pretty fucking quiet.

iPhone : this my type of petty

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iPhone : I really just had to start a response to a discussion post with “respectfully” to shut my classmate’s negativity down 😐

iPhone : undergrad teaching courses were so much more positive than grad courses. how do y’all teach littles with all this negative energy you put out?

iPhone : pls stop saying teachers are happy about this :(
all I want is to be around my favorite little humans again 💔…

iPhone : y’all really go to the lake to sit around and look cute? can’t relate. JayyNicee

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iPhone : why didn’t anyone talk me out of going back to school to get my masters degree...
I’m always doing homework 😭

iPhone : You can’t make it up...

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