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trans women are women

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Twitter Web App : I guarantee you, trans people have thought about their gender and worried about making a mistake far more than any cis person ever has.

Twitter Web App : Nature makes trans women
Trans men
and nonbinary people too.

Nature makes gay people
Bi people
and lesbian people like you.

Nature makes intersex people
Asexual people
and every person poo.

Nature doesn’t makes assholes or Transphobes tho...

That’s simply what they choose. 💁🏼‍♀️

Android : Estrogen allowed me to feel and process my emotions in a mature way for the first time in my life. It breathed life & color into my emotional window.

But here’s the catch-

I had no idea before HRT that I was feeling bad.

When all you know is feeling bad, feeling bad is normal.

Android : Call trans people by their correct pronouns.

Yes even if they're the worst person ever.

Because being a bad person doesn't make them not their gender. And when you misgender bad trans people you tell ALL trans people that you think we have to earn our pronouns.

Twitter Web App : When the rest of the LGBTQ community shouts “no TERFs at Pride” maybe you should take the hint.

Your views are unpopular, ugly, outdated, and not in line with the inclusion we work hard to practice in our community.…

Twitter Web App : "Doing this"...?
Buddy...charities don't prescribe drugs.

Look I get that you hate trans people, but you can at least remember how reality works (hint: Doctors prescribe medicine!) and incorporate that into your tactics before you try to @ me online…

Twitter Web App : 1989: Gays are trying to recruit confused straight kids
2019: Trans ppl are trying to recruit confused straight kids
1989: Gays are trying to coerce straight men into sex with them
2019: Trans ppl are trying to coerce lesbians/trick straight men into sex with them.

Twitter Web App : Cis people: Trans women are just stereotyping women, thinking that wearing a dress makes you a woman.

Also cis people: I'm denying you access to hormone replacement therapy because you didn't wear a dress for the appointment.

Twitter Web App : glinner referring to trans people as "woke gamergate" is so absurd

things trans people are angry about: violence against trans people; discrimination in employment, healthcare and housing; harassment online and off

things gamergate was angry about: Y WOMAN MAKE GAEM??????

Twitter Web App : Marriage equality does not exist in this country and will not exist as long as disabled people are unable to get married without losing their social security benefits.

Twitter Web App : its amazing that some game dev companies still think we want to kill dragons and aliens and stuff like no baby, no, make them friends. make them date-able. I want to fall in love with a dragon and meet their parents and explain how i dont have a hoard but am an able provider

Twitter Web App : #LwiththeT lead the #PrideInLondon parade. There is no place for hate at #Pride. We stand with our trans siblings 💙💗⚪️💗💙