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Twitter Web App : The worst human & civil rights violations in this country happened when we have tried to determine who is or who is not worthy enough to be considered a person

The mass murder of children happening in the name of 'reproductive freedom' will be no different.

Twitter Web App : People from every group and identity are killed every day

I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and vomit out better talking points than the ones they decide to use.โ€ฆ

iPhone : This absolute beta is virtue signaling & apologizing to appease BLM but still hasnโ€™t spoken a word about Prince Andrew flying to Epsteinโ€™s pedophile island to sexually assault underage girls

Incredible priorities here.

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Twitter Web App : I was asked probably 12 questions on the Confederate flag... I didnt receive one question on the deaths in this country this weekend. ... I didnt receive one question about 5 children who were killed.

This is how Kayleigh McEnany ended todays press briefing today.


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iPhone : This mans message to marxist-led #BlackLivesMatter will never be aired on CNN.

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iPhone : Nobody denies climate science.

What we did deny was a $93 trillion whackjob bill that wanted to ban airplanes and cow farts

We also take issue with a child being propped up as a climate expert & yelling at the UN to meet outrageous demands.โ€ฆ

iPhone : We arenโ€™t just fighting bad policy anymoreโ€” We are fighting a psychological war against disinformation & indoctrination.

The era of post-truth

Some may not be smart enough to understand this!โ€ฆ