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Bio Two female Ph.D. students (@geneticginger and @ofglia) educating the public about science in the news and the ethical implications of new science findings!
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Twitter Web App : This week were tackling the controversial topic of GMOs with the goal of removing some of the fear surrounding them by explaining how they work! Check out this weeks podcast on wherever podcasts are found.

Android : With the approval of the #Pfizer RNA vaccine there are many questions surrounding RNA vaccines - What are they? How do they work? Are they safe?

This week we discuss RNA vaccines and these questions to hopefully dispel some fear and misinformation surrounding them!

Twitter Web App : Do we need to change our logo? Emma grew out her hair over the past two years and Rachel is halfway through the process of growing out her pixie cut πŸ˜‚

Android : Earlier this year two women Doudna Lab and Emmanuelle Charpentier won the Nobel Prize for #CRISPR!

In this weeks podcast we talk about the life of Alfred Nobel who founded the prizes, what CRISPR is, and why this award is so exciting for these women!

Android : Have you ever finished a Thanksgiving meal and wondered why you felt so tired and someone replied that it was the tryptophan in the #turkey?

In this weeks podcast we unpack this common belief, discuss the science behind this claim and if there is truth to it!

Android : Many of you probably saw the paper published by Nature Communications that seems to promote soft phrenology.

This week we discuss the paper, the history of phrenology, and the potential implications of a good journal publishing this kind of paper.

Android : As we near the end of one of the most active hurricane seasons in decades, we cant help but wonder why this season is so much worse! To understand why, we dive into the factors that go into the making of a hurricane.

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Android : X-men has captivated the heart of many with the diversity in the series, the emphasis that different is normal, and the bonds between characters. But have you wondered about the science behind X-men? Is it feasible genetically for X-men to happen?

Check out this weeks podcast!

Android : πŸ¦– Jurassic Park delves into a lot of science - but is it correct? Can you make dinosaurs from frog DNA? Are velociraptors really velociraptors? Check our our latest #steministas podcast!

Android : Race is often considered an important variable. Its a common question that is asked of us - in surveys, the 2020 census, and clinical studies. But should race be considered as a factor in our medical care? In this episode we discuss pros and cons of including race in medicine

Android : In our next podcast series we're going to talk about science in movies! Which movies do you want us to talk about?
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Android : Race has often been described as genetic but is this true? In this podcast we discuss the difficult topic of race and Genetics through the lens of science and history #steministas

Twitter Web App : We're recording two new episodes this week: Race in Genetics and Race in Medicine. We're humbled and sobered by our research but are hoping that these two podcasts are good springboards forward…