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Twitter Web App : Aspen Huggins (formerly Suzanne) I'm typically a fast talker so when I do talks/presentations, it helps if I take some time beforehand to prep handwritten notes with added cues for myself. On my last set I wrote "breathe & slow down". Creating those pauses for myself can also help me refocus tone & word choice.

Twitter Web App : Morning listen:…

At first thought, de-escalation might not seem relevant to you or I. But we are all living with high levels of stress & there are some concrete things we can do to help ourselves & others de-escalate when emotions run high.

iPhone : Gillian Dawson I can only imagine how incredibly busy you all must be! I hope you get reinforcements soon. In the meantime, it’s great that you’re taking care of each other by adopting healthy team practices.

iPhone : The folks making the long-term decisions for your org are likely retiring before these actions take place. When we talk about designing with users, it applies to org design as well. If future entrants had a chance to create their workplace, what would they say? Have you asked?

iPhone : Good for a chuckle & a reminder that leaders are people too. Showing your humanity, as a leader, makes it so much easier for others to do the same.

(If only we could send this woman a coffee!)…

iPhone : As I come to the end of some time off (staycation ftw these days), I’m thinking about writing again.

What would you be interested in reading?

And for my tech savvy friends, do you have any platform recommendations beyond Medium?

iPhone : ❤️❤️❤️

Hands down one of the most rewarding experiences of my career was helping found The Policy Community. Has it been 3 years already?! #policomm…