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Twitter Web App : Cameron left his in a pub. Gove left his alone in a hotel while he & his wife went to a party. Cummings strapped his into a car to test his eyesight. Johnson won't even say how many he's got. I'm particularly enjoying this period of them all telling us how to raise our children.

Twitter Web App : Tripe ... Marketing ... Board If they are willing to pay for it, some organisations will identify from an image.…
Looks like a grass seed, but could be a bit large. Better to use a rule as a comparison.…

Twitter Web App : Did Anna Botting in the press review claim Boris Johnson skilfully deflected the questions?

Like this chart?

He was unbelievably inept, and wasted everyones time. Surely the worst PM is living memory by far. Lets hope the public demand his resignation as well as his adviser.

Twitter Web App : Anna Brees The BBC also broke impartiality in relation to Jeremy Corbyn by portraying him pictorially as a Soviet communist and consistently without fact check as an anti Semite.
No fuss about was there?
Why the fuss now?

Twitter Web App : SpaceX’s launch director confirms all stations are GO to proceed with the countdown toward liftoff with astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken at 4:33pm EDT (2033 GMT).

Weather still RED, but teams are hoping for a window of good weather at launch time.…

Twitter Web App : Darren Grimes deleted this tweet because it doesnt fit his agenda of supporting Cummings. Lets keep it in circulation.

Twitter Web App : Beats Surrender Perhaps he's in the wrong job, and should take up astrology? What star sign do you think he is? Probably sees himself as a Libra (scales of justice) but is just a load of bull.

Twitter Web App : Dominic Cummings was caught in his true state here!

So what sort of demonic powers does he and the PM possess?

1. Lucifer: Pride
2. Mammon: Greed
3. Asmodeus: Lust
4. Leviathan: Envy
5. Beelzebub: Gluttony
6. Satan: Wrath
7. Belphegor: Sloth

DC: 1, 2, 4, 6

BJ: 3, 5 and 7

Twitter Web App : After Johnson’s dissembling behaviour in front of a Parliamentary Committee to protect Cummings it’s patently clear that either Cummings or both he & Cummings should go.Weak & incompetent PMs when exposed usually go:Chamberlain in 1940, Eden 1957. Some wither on vine- Macmillan