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Twitter Web App : Sam Dumitriu It's like Alien, a film which has been so completely mined for parts by a thousand knock-offs that if you watch it past a certain point of cinemagoing you're very bored.

Twitter Web App : julia blunck She has just fact-checked this. What I actually said was "we're like the Eurozone: no mechanism for an orderly break-up!" so it was if anything, worse, than I thought.

Twitter Web App : julia blunck Hehe, someone once said to me and my partner when we were engaged that it was a "big commitment". I piped up with: "Well, not really. We already have a desktop computer, a fridge and a shared tenancy. At the moment we're like the Eurozone: fiscal union but no exit mechanism!"

Twitter Web App : These are almost perfect modal filters in my eyes, quick, cheap, easy to deploy, but could be relocated if needed & they make the place look better by increasing biodiversity. Let's hope NewcastleCityCouncil can roll out similar pallet based planters to create low traffic neighbourhoods…

Twitter Web App : James Manning-Monro That said, even in the last parliament, if we'd just ignored it, the story throughout 2017-8 would have been "Conservative enjoys small but stable lead over Labour" widening after Salisbury before everything goes haywire in February 2019.

Twitter Web App : Alan Lockey Very much agree. Not sure why Matt has abandoned it given it was one of the reasons he thought Cameron would win in 2015.

Twitter Web App : My Guardian article, written about eight months ago, on what is musicologically and rhythmically unique about London's recent jazz output. Features interviews with Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia, Emma Jean Thackray and many more.…

Twitter Web App : Edward Carlsson Browne Dr. Simon Hurt Then both raced up during Cleggmania. There's a question in both that and Starmer's numbers (and also Cameron's in opposition) is whether you should actually just assume that approval as leader is actually a better metric cos they tend to meet in an election campaign.

Twitter Web App : Edward Carlsson Browne Dr. Simon Hurt So this is another fun piece I need to write! Because Clegg's approval (on "how well is x performing as leader) among people who'd heard of him was solid but not spectacular (in the minus single digits to +six range) even tho his PM rating was obviously, miles behind DC's.

Twitter Web App : Rory F Yeah, this is why I think approval just matters a lot more, in that basically, if you're seen as competent and doing your best, you can weather a lot more mistakes! And would I want those trust figures with four years to run, no, I would not.

Twitter Web App : Dr. Simon Hurt The big thing we know we don't know is basically whether KS will continue to convert people who don't know him at the rate he does so far - if he did, he would lead on leadership.

Twitter Web App : Also think that "5 - fall in voting intention is sustained" is a poor to useless test. Parties have agency, and can and do move to fix their liabilities. Well, the Conservatives tend to, at any rate.

Twitter Web App : Good piece, tho am v reluctant to put this much weight on VI - particularly in year one of a five-year parliament. Think the most significant thing about polls is that a) approval has fallen but b) Johnson retains a lead on leadership with most polls.……