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Twitter Web App : Began this epidemic sincerely wishing this government the best, now can't shake the feeling that everything being done is not to save lives but to move the story on from the behaviour of Dominic Cummings.

Twitter Web App : Track & Trace is much the most complex public-facing advice we have had in the pandemic.

Feel this needs Prime Ministerial TV broadcast that might get 20 million+ audience, rather more than the 11th May update did [not much changing yet, but we hope to give you more soon].

Twitter Web App : Seen too many of these. So only clicked after the 10th time it hit my timeline.

Twitter Web App : There is absolutely no good reason to share unverified information about the kids of anyone in public life, whether you’re doing that to defend them or the opposite.

Twitter Web App : Or indeed how it's always someone else's responsibility...…

Twitter Web App : NIGELK Sure, way too early to say what'll happen in 2024 (or whenever). But it even becoming competitive changes the dynamic, massively.

Twitter Web App : Early days (and this is a weird tho still honeymoon period) BUT Keir Starmer is doing all the things I imagine the Conservatives would least want him to be doing:
- keeping his party united;
- holding the Govt to account;
- looking credible.

Twitter Web App : Just realised what's so fresh about this. It's 23 years since there was a leader of the opposition I could imagine as PM with genuine relief.…

Twitter Web App : I'll say this for Dom. First time in 7 years living here I've written to my rock-sold-safe Conservative MP about anything. He did that.

Twitter Web App : Sam Freedman It's v odd, isn't it... A paper that has carefully curated the best team of writers of any newspaper (reason I subscribe). Then they hired QL.