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Android : Retweet this please!! Share it as much as you can as quickly as you can. Hold the video down until “tweet video” option appears and tweet it.

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Android : How do I stop the COVID-19 Contact Tracing IOS Update from trying to install on my iPhone?? It keeps trying to update every freaking day and I keep denying it.
I've even deleted it.

I'm afraid it's gonna somehow sneak on in whether I like it or not.

Android : “We know that every life has meaning and that every life is totally worth protecting.”
- President Trump, March for Life Rally

Trump has appointed over 150 judges who protect human life in the womb.

I went to 50+ houses yesterday, letting people know Trump values human life.

Android : Jesus replaces storms & fear in your life w/faith. He can give you an unending supply of food. He can defeat Satan’s tricks in your life. He can turn your sadness into a cheerful heart. Look to Jesus for power over storms, shortage, sickness, Satan, and sadness. #Love #Jesus

Android : If #BlackLivesMatter really cares about black lives, then wouldn’t they care about black babies?

Trump appointed 150+ #prolife judges to protect all black babies.

Biden does not value black lives - he supports up-to-birth abortion and infanticide on black babies.

Android : Governors who demanded Covid-19 patients be FORCED ON NURSING HOMES and resulted in Deaths of INNOCENT ELDERLY PATIENTS should be accused of murder in a CLASS ACTION SUIT. Surely theres at least ONE attorney that can rise to that occasion.