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iPhone : “Ian Miles Cheong is so unremarkable that’s why I tweet about him several times a day haha it’s to remind him that no one knows who he is haha it can’t be that I’m insecure and jealous that he gets exposure and I’m just some person who wishes they were famous haha no sir haha.” twitter.com/n00bsyborg/sta…

iPhone : Reminder that none of the bankers and credit score auditors that caused the subprime mortgage crisis and recession in 2008 ever went to jail except for like one random guy.

Twitter Web App : Many TikTok teenagers are using Black Lives Matter for clout. Guarantee they use the n-word in private and are more racist than your average Klansman.

Twitter Web App : Democrats only care about Dr. Fauci when it's politically expedient. They ignored his advice and urged people to go protesting for Black Lives Matter, ignoring his advice that it wasn't safe and would cause a surge in infections.

iPhone : Recent antibody studies show some NYC neighborhoods with over 68% of residents having been infected. Overall city is showing over a 26% infection rate.

Do you have any idea how many dead Americans we would have if other areas allowed something similar?


iPhone : Apparently infecting so much of your city that the virus can no longer spread exponentially and has already taken a large percentage of your most vulnerable residents is evidence of "competent govt"

Alternate reality. twitter.com/JRubinBlogger/…