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Bio Hi Im Catherine/Cat (she/her). I draw ! theamazincactus on tumblr & instagram
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iPhone : Finally got watercolor paper again (so much of my watercolor paper is still stuck at school ;;)
Some requests from insta that I thought would be cool to save here ✨✨

iPhone : the file crashed 10 times so I’m missing a few panels and had to make do with what I have hope this makes sense👍 (1/2)


iPhone : charlz @ crying bc of a ghost Omg wait I think when I first found your account it was like HOMESTUCK and Voltron?? And I was like this is nice yes style so cute yes.
And now I’m like YEAHH LOOK AT THIS EVOLUTION... HOW COOL THE sTYLE... SO UNIQUE SO NICE. Overall it’s been so neat to see your improvement :,D

iPhone : i made this, hope it can help!!

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