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Android : The entire story isn’t true. And your response is scary - you don’t believe the campaign denial nor mine. But claim you have some anonymous source. Do you realize how ridiculous you sound?…

Twitter Web App : Minneapolis black man desperately pleads with white police officer, “I cannot breathe.” That man has now died.

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Twitter Web App : I think the guy in the Green Bay jersey burning the MSNBC reporter live on air by pointing out the cameraman isn't wearing a mask should be the official end of any type of coronavirus lockdown in the United States.

Everyone good with that?

Twitter Web App : NotKennyRogers That is funny... Here is both the MSNBC video and the Guy's video.…

Twitter Web App : NotKennyRogers That is funny... Here is both the MSNBC video and the Guy's video.…

Twitter Web App : #NEW FULL LETTER:
Richard Grenell tells Mark Warner his request last week to declassify and publicly release the underlying intelligence reports in which Obama officials unmasked the identity of former national security advisor Michael Flynn would jeopardize sources and methods

Twitter Web App : This 70-step trick shot just keeps getting better 🤯

(via creezy/YouTube)

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Twitter Web App : Just like everything else in US politics, the issue of mask-wearing inevitably devolves into a Culture War foodfight because people across the ideological spectrum need a constant churn of Culture War nonsense to distract them from the real causes of a fraying political order

Twitter Web App : Jesus.

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Twitter Web App : Check out this new FastAPI course by coming next week 🤓📝

TestDriven will donate back 10% of every course sold to FastAPI development 😁💸🚀…

Twitter Web App : Another own goal for Chinese diplomacy, this time in Brazil. The Chinese embassy there sent a letter telling members of parliament not to congratulate Tsai Ing-wen on her recent inauguration. It was leaked, spawning the #VivaTaiwan hashtag now trending.…

Twitter Web App : jeffv We were very "business" dressed when I started, but at least jeans and a collard shirt is more comfortable. It is how I prefer to dress at work. I won't work somewhere that requires a suit and/or tie again.

Twitter Web App : jeffv We finally got "casual" at work (jeans, but no t-shirts). My last job was loose, IT had the strict rules - no shorts/sandals. Rest of the company had "no swim wear" as the only rule. It was caused by the young female staff in HR wearing bikinis one day for a company party.