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iPhone : Native Americans protesting at Mount Rushmore are OBEYING the law.

Trump is the one VIOLATING it.

He doesnt give a damn about the law.

He never has.

#MtRushmore #4thofJuly2020 #IStandWithTheLakota Kimberly Guilfoyle Mary Hart

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iPhone : Preet Bharara This Mount Rushmore speech embodies the angry and desperate last gasps of a dying, bigoted breed that feels its power slipping out from between its white, male, heteropatriarchal fingers.

iPhone : 1. This sounds like it was written by Stephen Miller
2. This sounds like Trump is reading it for the first time…

iPhone : Kimberly Guilfoyle has it. Stephen Miller's wife has it. EIGHT secret service agents have it delaying Pence's trip to Arizona. Pence doesn't wear a mask and he doesn't have it. Trump doesn't wear a mask. Who will be the first to die with this star chamber bullshit? #TrumpRussia

iPhone : Imagine a government free of Trump, Pence, Ivanka, Jared, Stephen Miller, Barr, Pompeo, Devos, Carson, Mnuchin, Azar, whoever happens to be press secretary and chief of staff at any given moment and every other members of the Trump administration. Pure joy.

Twitter Web App : (1). Here's a thread for anyone who's been conned into believing Donald Trump cares about the US military or our troops.

-Faked a disability 5 times to avoid a war he didn't oppose
-5 non-rich guys went to Vietnam in his place
-Tried to kick homeless vets off 5th Ave