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Twitter Web App : I have written my first book. "Bearing Witness While Black: African Americans, Smartphones and the New Protest #Journalism," is on sale now:….

iPhone : If you’re an “I can understand the anger, BUT..”-type of person, please sit down and reevaluate what you’re really saying. Thank you Mira Jacob for this spot on post

iPhone : Students and postdocs: being in your position during a pandemic is HARD. What is one thing you'd like your mentor to know or do that would help? DM and I will anonymize your reply & post it. Especially interested in URM students/postdocs & what is unique to your experience.

iPhone : Body of #Palestinian artist & dancer, Ayman Safiah, found in Haifa’s sea 75 hrs later by volunteer divers. #Israeli’s state police suspended search a few hours after he drowned & fined volunteers. Palestinian life is a political act. Palestinian death is a political act.

iPhone : You know when you get a cut and you think “this is going to scar!”? This week is just like that. #AymanSafiah #GeorgeFloyd #ChristianCooper

iPhone : OrenH وجهة نظر من القدس I agree. Knowing an additional language definitely does not come at the expense of another. That’s not how our brains work! And even in terms of international economic ties, English (which in this article is equated with America) is not the only option

Twitter Web App : OrenH وجهة نظر من القدس I wish the article wouldn't have framed "the public" as "bad at learning." It's problematic. It also didn't mention how global Japanese culture is (who doesn't know hello kitty, anime, zen, tea ceremonies, etc.). The topic is very interesting for sure..

Twitter Web App : We are saddened by the news of the loss of internationally renowned Palestinian Ballet & contemporary dancer /choreographer #AymanSafiah!

Ayman was an exceptionally talented dancer & an inspiration to all of us.

May he rest in peace & our condolences to his family & friends.

iPhone : I can't watch the Minneapolis video. The photo alone is so, so awful. But, as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt (who teaches 1st responders safe takedowns & pins), I feel that I should say something: The pin that the officer used is dangerous & shows malice 1 #MinneapolisPolice

iPhone : Shereen Marisol It’s so much. I’m thinking about what’s different. Racism is not new at all. But maybe it’s that we get to sit with it now in quarantine? Or maybe it’s because despite being in a global pandemic, we still cannot find our humanity? Intersectionality has never been more urgent!

iPhone : 1/2 ten reasons why immunity passports are a bad idea.
1. #COVID-19 immunity is a mystery
2. Serological tests are unreliable
3. Volume of testing needed is unfeasible
4. Too few survivors to boost the economy
5. Monitoring erodes #privacy

Twitter Web App : I am very nervous to post this article I wrote about my difficult experience teaching this past semester because of COVID-19. It's raw and very vulnerable yet imperative to share. So here it is. Special thanks to my mentee Santi for seeing me 💜…