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Android : There are those who are trying to lump together the peaceful protesters & the looters. Attempting to blur the two.

But we know these are two separate groups entirely. With two separate agendas.

We see through this cynical attempt to discredit a legitimate protest.

Android : hi everyone, meet Shoddy Lynn, the owner of @DollsKill, praising the police for shooting peaceful protestors outside her store.

do not ever shop there again.

do not even accept a brand deal from them again.

take a fucking stand.

Android : Damn, cut a few people out today bc they're into the "all lives matter" bullshit. I need some new ones by me anyway.

Android : if you are white and attending protests you do NOT need to be breaking windows, starting fires, or inciting violence. you are putting the black people around you in danger. you need to stand between them and the cops and do what you can to protect your fellow protesters. (1/)

Android : Where can I get a tee that says either "Black Lives Matter" or "No Justice, No Peace" that actually benefits the movement? Time to make these racists uncomfortable at an upcoming bbq..

Android : Bail Out Black Lives I don't have a bank account unfortunately,but is there a resource I can send the information from a prepaid credit card to that could use it? I know cashapp won't allow transfer from prepaid.

Android : I stand by BLM. I need to find a way to show support since I'm physically unable to attend protests.. I know signing petitions and sharing information is one way to help this community of good people, but I am more than open to suggestions on other ways I can do my part.

Android : I'm honestly not surprised with how people are running their months on fb about the protests in Albany NY last night. A lot of people around here are racist on a typical day. I thought I was done with these scum before today... but wow.

Android : Funny how all the right wingers who have been screaming for two months about the government taking away their freedoms are suddenly all in favor of imposing martial law and shooting dissenters in the street.

Android : PopLuxe My city is on fire. It started peacefully but then came tear gas, rubber bullets, and swat. There are a lot of rumors flying. I won't be sleeping.

Android : An armored police vehicle in my hometown of Albany, NY with the words "Conservator of the Peace" painted across the side speaks volumes about the warped, militarized mindset of the police -- to believe peace is brought by fear and terror. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #NoJusticeNoPeace…

Android : It may be hard to sleep tonight. Theres a fuckton of anxious/unsettled energy everywhere. If you pray, pray. If you meditate, do that. Transmute all those feelings and get some rest. We will all be alright!