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Android : If you care about

racial justice
economic equality
climate change
protecting LGBTQ rights and
a woman’s right to choose and
our children’s future

you should care about the Supreme Court.

If you don’t care about these things, what’s wrong with you?

#VOTE #BidenHarris2020

Android : No matter who Republicans try and put on the Supreme Court, I want to be clear.

As long as I am governor, pre-existing conditions protections under the Affordable Care Act will be the law of our state and we will defend a woman’s right to choose, no matter what.

Android : Trump has already broken his "pledge" to "always protect" patients with pre-existing conditions. He has repeatedly tried to get bills passed that would weaken these protections. Is currently trying to get all of Obamacare eradicated.

Android : XMenTAS XMENDirector Cal Dodd Lenore Zann It was my first introduction. I subscribed to the cic book series and was promptly lost for several months. Took a long time to get a handle on even just a bit of the story. I was still in grade school and couldn't afford to buy every crossover. I found the series more accessible

Android : alyssa Congrats to you! Many felicitations on all your efforts and the bright future ahead. I'm an Eastern Oregon boy myself (from near Hermiston). Smiled when I realized where you hailed from. Well done!!

Android : One of my favorite singers is releasing a new album. He recorded it during 3 months he spent only at home and in the studio. Production started when stay-at-home began from the coronavirus. He says it's a work of some significance for him. Release 7/11, anniversary of his debut…

Android : #2
Hang on Cafeでは、今まで自由にライブをさせてもらって、美味しいものを食べさせてもらってきました。この日はいつものスタジオを出て、この特別な場所で歌います。普段のワンマンライブのボリュームで歌いますよ!