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Bibliophiles Welcome, Nazis are not

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Android : Interesting, that now everyone is for peaceful protests since things are getting real, after the way they attacked Colin Kaepernick for peacefully protesting.…

Android : An independent autopsy found that #GeorgeFloyd died by homicide. For those who didn’t believe what you saw with your own eyes...

Android : Last night during protests in Louisville, Kentucky, police murdered David McAtee, an unarmed black man. He owned a barbecue business that gave free meals to cops…

Android : Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad has been fired after it was revealed that officers involved in the shooting that killed David McAtee did not have their body cameras activated.

Android : I spent a counterfeit $20 bill at a gas station years ago. Got it as part of a cash payment for a bar appearance--no clue whether the bar owner knew when he paid me.

Cashier took it & told me it was counterfeit. I was mortified. I paid with a credit card instead. End of story.…

Android : Not a single reporter asked why the BPD decided to send three SUVs speeding through a crowd of people, nearly hurting dozens. Not a single reporter asked what the Walsh admin is going to do to address systemic racism.

Thanks for nothing.

Android : I blocked this piece of trash years ago for the milquetoast racist sentiments because if they hint at it, this is how they REALLY feel behind the quasi-polished veneer.

A polished turd is still a turd.

Android : TW: Racism

Publishing, particularly folks in horror publishing and ESPECIALLY Black creatives, you may want to avoid AT ALL COSTS Tell-Tale Press, owned and operated by Andrea Dawn. The owner is telling on herself on Facebook.

Android : Every time one of you boosts some propaganda about cops supporting protestors im just gonna reply with a link to that departments most recent history of abuse. Until you learn. These ppl are not you allies.