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Twitter for iPad : This is Heathcote.
Heathcote was named after Heathcote Williams and enjoyed my reading so much, he bought the book.
Be more Heathcote.

Twitter for iPad : To the London cabbie who took one look at my friend, turned his light off and drove away, you are literally the reason Uber is going to take over the world.

Twitter for iPad : How fab is this? Amazing gent the Shadow Cutter sat patiently snipping for hours at last nights pre-launch party for #TheFoundling by Stacey Halls. This portrait took him about 3 mins. Think he gave me a chin tuck...

Twitter for iPad : A Midsummer Night's Dream Bridge Theatre might be the best Shakespeare production I've ever seen. It's staggeringly good. Probably best experienced from the pit.

Twitter for iPad : Thank you boss! I’ll keep aiming for purrfection...…