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Android : this tiktok has fifty something comments of liberals going wow so because I dont want to get shot at school Im not a leftist??? im so tired

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Android : political tiktok is all radlibs and neocons im so tired of the burden i have to bare as the smartest person there

Android : Brick (Smidged Up) It's not technically anything, legally it's not considered cp, functionally it is. I should've taken a screenshot and blurred the girl but I didnt think about that

Android : At the age of thirteen, do you really think that she's sexualizing herself purely of her own volition- and even furthermore, you think the morally righteous option is to point and laugh as her life crumbles?- not to mention the fact you POSTED A SCREENSHOT OF HER NEARLY NUDE BODY

Android : An underage girl puts herself in danger by posting softcore cp, likely as a result of being taken advantage of in some way, she is expelled from her school, taken from her parents, and you decide to further ridicule her because you think its funny?

You think this is funny?…

Android : I have a whole lot of gasoline and a box of matches itching to test that theory mrs. Rowling…

Android : Did you not read the top where it says that it's a plant based substitute or the bottom where it says it's a plant based substitute or stop to consider while reading the back that it might be a plant based substitute…

Twitter Web App : me: i have class at 8 am and should be asleep by 10 pm

me, at midnight: i am now going to spend hours making a vent art piece and never publish it anywhere

Android : Joined Twitter in Jan. & has more than 26,000 followers from posting her nude photographs all over the internet & occasionally tweeting half-baked spicy anarchist takes. Her followers lap the whole hot left-wing gun girl brand up because leftism in the US is an aesthetic project

Twitter Web App : If this is the average "anarchist" woman's attempt at humor I might have to blow my fucking brains out…