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Twitter Web App : For more information on how binary options work, check out this blog:…

Twitter Web App : Binary Options are growing fast on Synthetix.

Theres less than 24HRs to join to the bidding on these markets:
$SNX to $2.00 by July 2nd
$BTC to $9500 by July 2nd
$ETH to $200 by July 3rd
$XAU to $1780 by July 3rd

You can participate here:

Twitter Web App : We have observed that by deploying SIP-48, the gas cost of transferring SNX from a wallet that isn't staking has increased to over 600k, which is higher than expected. We will be assessing our next step over the next day or two. 3/3

Twitter Web App : We've written a detailed explanation of how binary options work, so make sure to read it carefully out before you jump in! 2/3…

Twitter Web App : Were excited to announce that the Acrux release is now complete and binary options are now live at Synthetix.Exchange/#/options! 1/3

Twitter Web App : After today's Acrux release, Mintr and Synthetix.Exchange are now live once more and our tokens are transferrable once again. We are just completing the deployment of binary options, which will be announced shortly.…

Twitter Web App : We're about to start the scheduled Acrux release. During this time, expected to last up to 2-3 hours, the Synthetix system and its tokens will not be useable.…

Twitter Web App : This for the scheduled Acrux release, launching binary options and one other update:…

Twitter Web App : Tomorrow (Tuesday June 30, beginning around 12am midnight UTC), we're deploying an upgrade with several protocol improvements. During this time, users may be unable to interact with the system for up to a few hours, including using our dApps and transferring SNX or Synths.

Twitter Web App : The annual interest rate for Ether collateral loans has been increased to 50%.…

Twitter Web App : Following a community poll in Discord, the sETH incentive on Uniswap v1 has been deprecated. The sXAU/USDC incentive trial on Uniswap v2 has also finished, and will not be implemented at a protocol level. The SNX/USDC incentive trial on Balancer has one more week to go.

Twitter Web App : There appear to be Telegram scams masquerading as Synthetix airdrops again. There is no Synthetix airdrop. Please report any Telegram groups pretending to be.

Twitter Web App : sUSD is now available for deposit on idle to optimise the yield you can earn with your sUSD!…

Twitter Web App : To take it a little further, we can add Synthetix ⚔️ to the equation: a user might mint $SUSD with $SNX, put it into Idle, and then forward IdleTokens to both Curve and/or Balancer!

(NB, a lot of these manual txs can be automated with a simple UI, in our dashboard)

Twitter Web App : We have a cracker episode for all you #Synthetix fans! 🔥

We welcome back kain.eth of Synthetix ⚔️ to break down yield farming, projects like @curvefinance & Ren, & the latest in #DeFi on #Ethereum plus Synthetix.


Twitter Web App : An update on the sNIKKEI market: some data source APIs were providing delayed updates, partly due to market dynamics, no Chainlink nodes had any issues. As a security precaution, we've paused the market as more responsive data providers are added to ensure prices are accurate.

Twitter Web App : sNIKKEI has been paused as there is an issue with its price feeds. Chainlink is investigating and we will announce the findings.