Twitter for iPad : Police on #bbcr4today . Enforcing face masks in private property in England and £100 fines not our responsibility.

Secretary of State. Yes it is.

Country waits, again, for UK Government clarity.

Android : Rishi Sunak hints at tax rises in the long term. Says "We must return our public finances to a sustainable position over the long run." #bbcr4today

Android : Mark Adams, a social care charity leader, brands Boris Johnson's comments that some care homes didn't follow the Covid rules as "cowardly" and Orwellian. Says the PM is rewriting history and showed a "travesty of leadership" #BBCR4today

iPhone : Once again #bbcr4today fails to represent balance as it just headlines that #FOM ends for EU cits...

They lose it in ONE country...UK cits lose it in 26!!

#PritiPatel & the Tories are also ending OUR right to FOM

FFS stop the bias!!