Android : Hero from last weeks Later...with Jools Holland on BBC Two.
🇬🇧Watch in full on the BBC iPlayer (19:31)…

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iPhone : Love the latest #laterjools series. Great interactions. In my opinion, much better than the last “re-vamped” series.

iPhone : Finally catching up on #laterjools - watching Guy Garvey and being reminded about how much I adooooore Elbow! #musiccuresall

Android : Climbing forever trying
Find your way out - of the wild wild wood
Now there's no justice
There's only yourself - that you can trust in ♡

#WellerWednesday #laterjools

iPhone : On Fridays show HAIM Tim Burgess and Charli discussed their quarantine creativity and the role of music in lockdown.

Catch up with the show here: #LaterJools

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Twitter Web App : Props to whomever at the BBC who decided to select the clip of Bowie's performance of Rebel Rebel, the intro and outro parts are so different and such an enjoyable take on his own classic #LaterJools

Android : BERWYN excellent delivery on #laterjools last week, Sir. Would love to book you for GetitLoudinLibraries all ages cool inclusive show some time - previous shows inc Adele, Jorja Smith, Cate Le Bon, Florence, Ghostpoet - will look up your agent ✌😊🎵🎵📚