Twitter Web App : Last year, in the UK alone, McDonalds made profits of £341 million.

Yet it doesn't pay its workers enough to get by.

So they're organising for £15 an hour, guaranteed hours each week and union recognition.

Here's how to join their campaign: #McStrike

Twitter Web App : Proud to stand in solidarity with McDonald’s workers in Wandsworth.

They are standing up to corporate injustice, low pay and the exploitation of workers.

Please support them. #McStrike

Twitter Web App : If you want to reflect on how far we’ve come in three years, John McDonnell, the People’s Chancellor, says a memo has been sent to all Labour MPs today informing them that if there is a picket in a constituency it is the MPs responsibility to join it 💪🏼 #FFS410 #mcstrike

iPhone : As a fellow fast food worker, I encourage you to sign this petition and join our movement. We are a group of fast food workers, coming together to get things changed, that we can’t change by ourselves BFAWU The McStrike! #McStrike……