Twitter Web App : Forever disappointed Bob Mortimer didn't take care of an injured owl called Mavis #wilty

McBOT : Glad to see #WILTY is back for a timely new series 🤔😊
#DominicCummnings #DomCum #CumGate #Cummings #CummingsBullshit #BorisJohnson #ToriesLie

iPhone : We all knew that the current government are made up of a bunch of lying hypocrites but now it’s like some sort of weird real time version of Would I Lie To You and we all have to play along...!
#WILTY #Cummings

Twitter for iPad : You know in Would I Lie To You when the story on the card is way too ridiculous to carry off but the game is what it is so although you’re cracking up yourself and the jig is up you laugh your way through and finish badly improvising the lie anyway? #WILTY

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