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Bio Investor. Philanthropist. Mensa Member. Read 1 book a day. 10 million view TedX. tai@tailopez.com Watch 67 Steps That Took Me From Broke To Driving Lambo
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Buffer : Do some kind of work out first thing when you wake up. In the four pillars of the good life: health, wealth, love, happiness – guess which one’s first?

iPhone : Dont be a Karen. Be a Sister Pat👏🏾

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iPhone : Mike Solana If everyone everywhere knew what Tai Lopez teaches.
Capitalism would stop breaking
People wouldn’t be on the streets.
There are no suicide bombings in Dubai.
People with enough don’t want to hurt anyone
People don’t mind working they just want to receive fair value

iPhone : Here’s to the dads 🍻💪


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iPhone : And they carried themselves with the dignity that had been denied them and their forebears for 246 years.... Happy Juneteenth. In honor of the last of the enslaved people to hear that they had been freed.

Buffer : The real key to life is how can you literally flip every single bad thing into something useful…

(that was my takeaway from listening to Michael Jordan in the Last Dance documentary)...

iPhone : What should I title the 1st book in my book series, “What they should have taught us in school...”

Buffer : The biggest lie being told on planet earth is, “Happiness doesn’t come from accomplishment.” This is false. It’s not how your DNA wired you. You have to live up to your potential to be truly happy. Get to work!

Buffer : It’s not just positive thinking that you need. It’s actually FEELING the emotion of having the thing you want before you actually have it…