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iPhone : This pig who assaulted and arrested Sandra Bland.

His name is Brian Encinia.
Folks need to start circulating their pictures nd info. These people shouldnt be roaming the streets freely.

iPhone : The cop’s name is Ian Hans Lichterman, Philly PD, badge number 3315.

Lichterman is a member of the neo-nazi group Blood and Honour.

Philly PD has known about his nazi tattoo since 2016, but they had to reinstate him after firing him. So yeah lots of nazi cops our there kids. twitter.com/chadloder/stat…

iPhone : bold words from a school that continues to employ a professor (BJ Rye) who uses the n-word so freely in her classes that she's publicly known as "the n-word prof" on campus despite multiple black students expressing their feelings twitter.com/UWaterloo/stat…

iPhone : This is an allegory for how Western liberal "democracy" is all symbolic procedural rights and no concrete rights or change. The LA Police Commission held a forum in which people yelled at them for 8 hours & then they passed Mayor Garcetti's budget without any defunding the police twitter.com/keywilliamss/s…

iPhone : Rest In Peace to Kalief Browder. 🕊 A young black man who sat on Rikers Island for 3 YEARS without trial for a backpack he DIDNT steal. He killed himself after spending two yrs in solitary confinement. 730 DAYS ALONE. SAY HIS NAME.

iPhone : Dion Johnson was just shot for sleeping in his car by an AZ police officer. He was pronounce dead at 5 AM. he was 28-years-old and he was an unarmed black man. say his name and share his story please

iPhone : it’s june 1st which means we’re 6 days away from the 5th year anniversary of the shooting of keith davis jr. 5 years y’all. that’s how long we’ve been in this fight. get yourself familiar with keith and this case in preparation for june 7th! twitter.com/undisclosedpod…

iPhone : JUST IN: We just got the photos of all of the officers charged for use of excessive force on 2 college students: 2wsb.tv/3eJJTS6

iPhone : For the record, Like many black Muslims I’ve known about federal agencies working WITH masjids since like middle school. But y’all wanna release all these statements about being commented to protecting black ppl. Okay so let’s talk about it 🙂

iPhone : I can’t believe all my life I’ve been hearing Muslims scream “ONLY FEAR ALLAH” on microphones only for y’all to bend over when the fbi comes knocking. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about our masjids and msas that are directly reporting to federal agencies.

iPhone : the clearest video I've seen, cops had a crowd surrounded with their hands up and they fired tear gas canisters at protesters twitter.com/Justiceaddwate…

put a video of a protest ( no faces) for about 20 seconds in and then put the fancam. this way they will actually have to watch videos and will take longer to sift through twitter.com/dallasnews/sta…

iPhone : June 7th will be a day of action for Keith Davis Jrs freedom. If you are interested in joining/would like more info please email justice4keithdavisjr@gmail.com. Show up and show out. Keep sharing this. #FreeKeithDavisJr

iPhone : we here at the baltimore city correctional center to visit our incarcerated comrades and keith davis jr! they hear us and they are chanting with us! i got goosebumps!