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Android : You are My Dream Girl 😍Tammu😍
No one even comes close...

#LoveTamannaahGifs #Tamanna #Tamannaah
#TamannaahGifs #TamannaahBhatia #TamannaBhatia pic.twitter.com/Qnhn5bYPrF

Android : மறைந்து இருந்து பார்க்கும் மர்மம் என்ன 😍😍😍😜
Yaruda adhu piumi than perusu nu sonadhu, inga par ra competitor Nivi ya🔥

Android : Kiara 🧐😮 p peek 🤤

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Android : The sound of success is loud.
But the silence of hard work speaks louder.
So, rekindle the dreams,
Rebuild the path.
Those who crack it seldom give up,
For passion is undefeatable.

#TheGreatestLesson feat. Sachin Tendulkar

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Android : #11yearanniversary Thankyou Gauthamvasudevmenon for seeing something in me🙇‍♀️..something that I really didn’t see in myself.. Thankyou Manjula Ghattamaneni 🤗 and Thankyou chaitanya akkineni ❤️.. and Thankyou to all of you reading this .. you have made me the happiest woman in the world

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