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Bio If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free... writer. theatre maker. she/her. 1922.
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Twitter Web App : like... trump is the president of america because many people voted for him. like yeah yeah electoral college, but also, many people voted for him. i think we're all aware that our bubbles =/= the majority of the country.

Twitter Web App : This one from the DMs. Woman with an infant torn between paying her utility bill and for his diapers. Sharing with her permission

Twitter Web App : The riots will continue. The looting will continue. This is why: twitter.com/JStein_WaPo/st…

Twitter Web App : I wish the discourse on why America got steamrolled by this virus was a little less "people going out and having fun" and a little more "this country has no paid sick leave, our health care is a disaster, and the GOP isn't the only party prioritizing the economy"

Twitter Web App : #LRT literally that's why i don't engage with the "biracial people aren't black" debate on here. like i have plenty of rebuttals but at the end of the day, who cares? some people on twitter saying i'm not really black does not impact my lived reality at all lol. WE'LL LIVE.

Twitter Web App : i've seen a lot of "this app doesn't reflect the world! people are nowhere near as [insert word they use to mean not conservative] irl" tweets lately, and i'm confused as to who y'all are talking to

Twitter Web App : WTF is this NYT framing.

Teachers dont want to stay home because they hate the president.

They want to stay home because they know how to appropriately find, process, interpret, and apply all the EVIDENCE that COVID-19 is going to spread if/when schools open.

Twitter Web App : i know this isn't the only issue though, others just don't like the biracial identity being used as a gimmick. as a biracial i feel like my opinion is irrelevant lmao. twitter.com/tayleighlamb/s…