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Twitter Web App : .@donatobomb (and Ted Geoghegan) made me watch ZOMBIE ASS: TOILET OF THE DEAD for our podcast, so I am returning the favor by writing unflattering headlines for our website. Spoiler alert: it turned into a really fun conversation about exploitation cinema. certifiedforgotten.com/2020/07/08/zom…

Twitter Web App : I just startled my cat while he was drinking water and he did a comedy spit take, complete with "P-P-P-P-P!!!" spitting sound.

Twitter Web App : Justin Cook One of the things that journalists don't all understand about publicists is that we really don't want to bombard them with stuff.

I don't wanna make anyone annoyed, or make their life more difficult.

But we're a microcosm. I need them to work, just as they need me for content.

Twitter Web App : Justin Cook Yep. I love hearing no tbh. Because it means I can go onto the next person! Extended silence means just more waiting, when I could be accomplishing things. It's utterly maddening.

Twitter Web App : I need to accomplish four important things today and I am in a holding pattern beyond my control on all four of them.

Twitter Web App : Real talk. I have been having the shittiest day and it's 98% because of work emails that I haven't received replies to.

And don't give me that "Then you're in the wrong industry."

It's the same in every industry.

Twitter Web App : If you still haven't seen it, media friends, hit me up!

This movie is pure neon joy. twitter.com/RebeccaPahle/s…

Twitter Web App : Michael Moreci As a publicist, if I don't respond to emails, I lose coverage. And that means I lose my clients. I wish others were held to the same standards. I'm the busiest person I know, and Ihe amount of "I'm too busy" I hear is staggering.

Twitter Web App : ...This message brought to you by a dude whose career is made a million times harder by a lack of response.