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Twitter Web App : How to Get Hired as a Django Developer



1. Open source your work
2. Have a personal site
3. Go to meetups
4. Contribute to Django
5. Believe in yourself

Great advice by Will Vincent!


Twitter Web App : SQLake


A Python script that exports CSV or Excel file directly into a relational database management system.

by CoderKian

#Python #SQL #Excel #CSV

Twitter Web App : Minimizing Sales Emails in Your Inbox with Natural Language Processing


(1) Building the email detector -towardsdatascience.com/minimizing-sal…
(2) Dockerizing and deploying to AWS- towardsdatascience.com/dockerize-depl…

by Rodrigo Fuentes

#MachineLearning #Python #Docker

Twitter Web App : MiniConf v1 : Virtual-Conference-in-a-Box

Fully static deployment, backed by easy-to-edit csvs, fun ml/vis modules built-in, and battle-tested in practice .

Live Demo: mini-conf.github.io/index.html
Open Source: github.com/Mini-Conf/Mini…

(built with Hendrik Strobelt originally for ICLR 2020)

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Twitter Web App : HttpRunner - simple and elegant, yet powerful HTTP(S) testing framework


Design Philosophy:

1. Convention over configuration
1. ROI matters
1. Embrace open source, leverage requests, pytest, pydantic, allure, & locust

#Python #Testing #pytest Locust.io

iPhone : #HTML5 Video 🎞

Super easy to add video directly to your site! No more dealing with Flash or whatever crazy plugins back in the day 😂. Simplify and move forward with the HTML5 <video> tag, yay 🥳

#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #301DaysOfCode

iPhone : 🐍📩 Pycoders Weekly (Issue 422) — Async Python Tips, The Hypermodern Python Dev Setup, Job Hunting in a Pandemic, and More


iPhone : Hello World 🍃

The FlaskCon call for speakers is open till June7th 📑

#flask #flaskcon

You are free to talk about Flask, its extentions, projects using Flask, testimonials, research findings, end of year projects and more ...

It is 100% Flask ❤


Twitter Web App : Created a python script that can perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) for users. Check it out: github.com/kianweelee/Eda…

#python #DataScience #NumPy #pandas #seaborn #dataviz

Twitter Web App : New blog post - Keyword-only arguments in Python, an underused feature - lukeplant.me.uk/blog/posts/key…

Twitter Web App : Functional Programming with Python

(1) Intro: julien.danjou.info/python-and-fun…
(2) Lambda Functions: julien.danjou.info/python-functio…

While Python is most known for its OOP constructs, it also has several functional constructs like generators, list comps, and lambdas.

by Julien Danjou


Twitter Web App : Python library to edit and render HTML without a template language.



1. Manipulate and render HTML without using a templating language
2. Works on raw HTML and uses Python's native datastructures to build new document fragments

by Chris McCormick