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iPhone : Photojournalist David Moskowitz documents an unprecedented effort to restore caribou herds that are central to Indigenous foodways.

iPhone : A fascinating interview with The Sioux Chef Sean Sherman: 'A member of the Oglala Lakota tribe, Sean is one of the most prominent voices in Indigenous cuisine in North America.'… #foodstudies #IndigenousCuisine

iPhone : Border-wall construction has brought devastation to the land, wildlife, water & people. Its wiping out entire species of animals, taking millions of gallons of water from fragile desert aquifers, butchering protected ceremonial plants & bulldozing graves.

iPhone : “History repeats itself,” says Theresa Hinman, founder of the Coalition for the Betterment of Indian Education. “If you don’t tell the whole story, it’ll happen again. You normalize the marginalization (of Indigenous people) – make people think it’s OK.”

iPhone : Learn about traditional foods and plants that are important to the Indigenous groups that historically inhabited the land you live on. We love this recipe roundup created by The Sioux Chef showcasing tribal diversity. #IndigenousAgriculture

iPhone : Maureen Googoo, Editor at Ku'ku'kwes News talks about the battle for fishing rights in Nova Scotia. Also, national correspondent, Dalton Walker covers the sudden shutdown of inpatient obstetrics services at Phoenix Indian Medical Center.

iPhone : Terri Yellowhammer, Standing Rock Sioux, hopes to "make things better" as a judge in the fourth district, the largest trial court in the state.…

Twitter Web App : Miigwech Megan. Governor Tim Walz follow the indigenous peoples and the science guiding us to a just transition future. Tar sands poses imminent threats to our climate and earth, and the Mississippi Headwaters is a sacred place that feeds our Earth like the Amazon. #StopLine3…

Twitter Web App : I dont look like most people in Congress. My life is different, too. I pushed through college & law school as a single mom & Im 30 years sober, but struggle made me fierce. Im running for reelection to continue giving a voice to those that have never been heard. #BeFierce

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Twitter Web App : "Not as long as I'm president": Donald Trump disavowed Indigenous Peoples Day over the weekend, accusing Democrat Joe Biden of "attacking" a European colonizer who never set foot on US soil. #IndigenousPeoplesDay
#NativeVote #NativeVote20 #NativeVote2020…

Twitter Web App : Rakesh The Policy of Colonialism run by all politicians. Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln were two of the worst to see so much death, genocide, and atrocity happen. Trump is no different...