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Android : no offense but it’s 2020 where google is free and social media gives you access to countless news sources & events happening around the world. if you’re still not educated, thats a personal choice YOU decided to make like that so fcking embarrassing keep that shit to yourself

Android : Five months ago, I held a fictional readathon about friends rallying together to fight evil.

Now its real life. Now is the time for bravery, to stand in solidarity with Black ppl, and to challenge anti-Blackness.
The Quiet Pond supports #BlackLivesMatter.

Android : Wrong, Im from the same country as this clown
Racism is just as real in europe. You know whats different? Europeans think theyre too sophisticated to engage in smth as backwards as racism. Arrogance, not being post-racial.
That he said COLOR like its the 1940s makes this obvious twitter.com/BigSascha/stat…

Android : I would like to announce publicly that I have resigned my position as an agent of Red Sofa Literary. I could not, in all good conscience, call myself an ally and not react in this way to what I perceive as racism. I want to thank my authors for being incredibly understanding

Android : Let me be clear. You are either racist or anti-racist. Those are the two choices. The latter meaning you are working everyday either emotionally or physically to dismantle the racisim that we all have been taught since day one in the United States.

Android : Anyway go read some books about how to be anti-racist. The people who most need those books won’t read them, but you can sure as hell try to teach them: bookshop.org/lists/this-lis…

Android : remember when the notre dame burnt down and every celebrity alive was posting about it everywhere & donating thousands........where's that energy now we're talking about people's LIVES

Android : I am a regular person with a 9-5 job earning a salary living in studio apartment that donated $50 to protesters and frontliners. You are a celebrity with an intense media following who donated the same amount. We are very clearly not the same.