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iPhone : from their biggest fans 💙

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iPhone : The wholesale devastation of Prasa should give us chills. Decaying railways across the continent are a potent reminder of state failure. SA was somewhat the exception, but not so much any more.…

iPhone : I keep hammering on about the CARES Act but it really can’t be overstated what a monumental crime this all is. There’s an infinite money backstop for big business and they’ve been given permission to starve everyone else out and buy the remains at fire sale prices…

iPhone : I have no idea what this means

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iPhone : instead of screen time I wish I could track ”distance scrolled” just to see if there are days where I scroll further than I walk

iPhone : This is false. You guys should check out the video where the reporter is heard screaming her station affiliation over and over and over again.…

Twitter Web App : The government are trying to blame the public, and the young in particular, for their calamitous handling of the pandemic.

Discussing that on #skypapers at 10.30pm and 11.30pm

iPhone : As climate scientists we take absolutely zero pleasure in being right. We are terrified...but we cannot look away, for the sake of our families, for the sake of people we don’t know and for the sake of the natural world. Peter Kalmus speaks for us all.…

Sprout Social : The Caribbean territory Anguilla blames the disorderly shutdown of Mossack Fonseca, the firm at the heart of #PanamaPapers, for its inability to answer other countries’ requests for basic corporate information.

Twitter Web App : Despite reports from his own White House, despite local officials in Southern & Northern Nevada reiterating to the venues the existing restrictions in State emergency directives, tonight, the President is knowingly packing thousands into an indoor venue to hold a political rally.

Twitter Web App : I didn’t respond to Paul Krugmans original tweet because I assumed it was just a bad tweet and that he’d figure that out on his own. But now Im realizing that a lot of the events that defined the past 19 years for people like me didn’t even register with him. THREAD…

iPhone : Apps like Citizen can exacerbate longstanding problems, says EFF’s Matthew Guariglia: “The long history of surveillance of the suburbs is people looking out their window and deciding who does and who does not belong.”…

iPhone : HBD to my fellow hell-raising humanitarian, Ro Khanna! I am grateful for your leadership on so many issues: from a more humane foreign policy to your championing of M4A, student debt relief, and ending corporate rule. Our movement can always rely on you to lead w PRINCIPLES 🎂

Twitter Web App : Once again, our grassroots community is coming together to support our neighbors devastated by these wildfires.

If you are able, Im asking you to please donate to support the frontline organizations helping with recovery and relief.…

TweetDeck : Its been almost four months since the protests began following George Floyds murder.

Police are still killing Black people at disproportionate rates.

People are demanding action now. When will the Senate take action on the epidemic of police violence?…