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Bio Every month we accompany Pope Francis in his prayer requests. We invite you to join.
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ID 3469849653 : The gifts of the earth will not always be at our disposition. Pope Francis reminds us that the planet isn’t an orange for us to squeeze, and that wealth obtained by exhausting the gifts of nature is scandalous. #SeasonOfCreation #Sharing Integral Human Dev GasMuha Empowerment Project Onlus Global Catholic Climate Movement

  • Start Video : Let us support the rights of sailors and let us pray with Pope Francis that they may not have to suffer any more from the threat of being abandoned in far-away ports.
#ValuePeople #ThePopeVideo #PrayForSeafarers
Stella Maris… : Whether the weather is good or bad, Pope Francis tells us, fishermen go out to do their job while their families take part on land in the hardness of their life.
#ValuePeople #ThePopeVideo #PrayForSeafarers
Stella Maris… : Fishermen and sailors face more dangers than just storms at sea. Pope Francis reminds us that the threat of piracy and poor working conditions make their work even harder.
#ValuePeople #ThePopeVideo #PrayForSeafarers
Stella Maris… : How important the work of sailors and fishermen is! Pope Francis invites us to pray for them and their families. #ValuePeople #ThePopeVideo #PrayForSeafarers
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  • Start Video : 🙏Pope Francis invites us to pray that today’s families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance, and especially that they may be protected by the state.

#AccompanyWithLove #ThePopeVideo : The conditions and rhythm of life today can present great dangers to families. Pope Francis invites us to accompany families with love, respect, and guidance, and asks civil authorities to protect them. #AccompanyWithLove #ThePopeVideo
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