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Android : This is my son Charlie, the sweetest kid youโ€™ll ever meet.

June 3rd is his 10th birthday. Unfortunately, we canโ€™t have the big birthday party he was hoping for.

So, would you mind tweeting a birthday wish to Charlie? Weโ€˜ll surprise him with your tweets on Wednesday. Thanks!

Android : If only we had some sort of Amendment where a responsible group of our country's leadership could remove an insane, racist, violence enticing President.

Android : Dear Donald J. Trump: The American people are hurting. We need you to listen to what the people are saying. And we need you to try to calm things down. Except you are doing exactly the opposite by being divisive. Stop making things worse. We need a healer, not a divider.โ€ฆ

Android : Trump is trying to act like these protests have nothing to do with him, when they actually have a lot to do with him. He is a key part of the problem. In order to deescalate the situation, Trump should resign. So should Pence. Bring in President Pelosi. I'm not kidding. For real.

Android : If we are complacent, if we are silent, we are complicit in perpetuating these cycles of violence.

None of us can turn away. We all have an obligation to speak out.