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iPhone : Taylor But you aren’t abolishing the government. So far, only local businesses and housing complexes have been “abolished.” You have a right to fight the government if you feel they don’t have your best interests at heart, but maybe fighting the actual oppressors will help.

iPhone : Joe Biden says racially insensitive things without even meaning to, which confirms that his thoughts are indeed prejudiced. #JoeBidenIsRacist #JoeBidenIsARacist

iPhone : JimBLitterick What are you talking about? It’s clearly used properly, the sentence works perfectly. Your grasp on the English language appears to be tenuous at best; I recommend thinking before attempting to correct someone who knows better than you.

iPhone : Keith Diane Lockhart I’m one of the biggest American patriots that you can be, but we are not rich. We are 20+ trillion dollars in debt! Japan is approaching 14 trillion, which is more than double its GDP. The reason japan has things like this is because they have the gighest debt/gdp ratio ever.

iPhone : JimBLitterick So my real statement is then “very serious mental inability to do things” which is grammatically correct and exactly what I was implying. I think you might be the one with a misunderstanding of grammar. Try taking a class on it there are plenty you can find online.

iPhone : Pendleton Ward has done it again, The Midnight Gospel is a brilliant vision quest of deep conversation and wonderfully interesting points of view. Can’t wait for more. #TheMidnightGospel

iPhone : Anyone who can blame president Trump for a death count for a global pandemic caused by the Chinese is clearly struggling with some very serious incapacities. #TrumpDeathToll92K