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iPhone : A brief statement about todays mission from our founder and CEO, Peter Beck.

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iPhone : We lost the flight late into the mission. I am incredibly sorry that we failed to deliver our customers satellites today. Rest assured we will find the issue, correct it and be back on the pad soon.

iPhone : Another take on the top tech business story in June: Deirdre Bosa says it was Elon Musk and SpaceX delivering astronauts to the ISS, making history. I had it at #2, Josh Lipton at #5. Check out the full #forttknox video on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/posts/jonfortt…

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iPhone : Targeting Wednesday, July 8 for Falcon 9’s tenth launch of Starlink, which will also carry 2 spacecraft from Spaceflight’s customer BlackSky to orbit

Twitter Web App : The SpaceX patch for Crew-1, the first operational Crew Dragon mission, pays tribute to the four prior U.S. spacecraft that carried astronauts ― with symbols on the lower edge for Space Shuttle, Apollo, Gemini, and Mercury.

TweetDeck : Space startup Momentus is offering a "last mile delivery" service for spacecraft and the company continues to attract customers, striking $40 million worth of deals since the beginning of the year.

I spoke to CEO Mikhail Kokorich about his business: cnbc.com/2020/07/02/mom…

TweetDeck : NASA & ULA are sticking to no earlier than July 30 for now, a source tells me — with more certainty expected when the #Mars2020 spacecraft is mated with the rocket next week. twitter.com/thesheetztweet…

TweetDeck : You’re invited to join us on July 28th for a virtual event where we’ll provide a first look inside the cabin of our spaceship. The design aims to elevate the experience of space for a new generation of private astronauts. Subscribe to watch, here virg.in/GX2

iPhone : The beauty of rockets in flight 🚀📽️

Telescope tracking cam delivered during SpaceX United States Space Force #GPSIII. At 0:50 we can even see Falcon 9s vapor cone as it goes super sonic!

Special thanks to the scope crew Everyday Astronaut Astronomy Live and The Telescope Authority BTS on channel soon

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