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Hootsuite Inc. : Introducing our #TOGETHER MASKS - we have already donated 30 thousand face shields to MSF International. Each purchase will help us donate one more face shield to ensure that frontline workers are protected in areas of world MSF have identified as most in need: ow.ly/dzXT50AwGSJ #mask

iPhone : Women #RiseForAll
In this devastating #COVID19 crisis we have an opportunity to hit the reset button, to deliver on the Decade of Action. This will only be possible when we recognize the value of women front and centre, together leading the way and rising for all.

Hootsuite Inc. : Nelsa Curbelo is a 78 year-old former nun who has brought peace to the once gang-rules streets of Ecuador: ow.ly/lCWz50zVoUC #peace #hero

Hootsuite Inc. : Think about it - global supply chains are being hit hard by #coronavirus, with farmers and workers bearing the biggest financial impact - this is why shopping Fairtrade Foundation has never been more important: ow.ly/KsEY50AwFs3 #fairtrade #ethical

Hootsuite Inc. : 'It Was Safer To Have A Baby 25 Years Ago'. Meet the midwife fighting for maternity care for disadvantaged mothers: ow.ly/C0pN50zVpz8 #health #midwife #inequality #hero

Hootsuite Inc. : The most sustainable outfit is one that you already own. How to dress #sustainably post-lockdown by our own Hannah Rochell of EnBrogue - for those days when you feel like changing out of PJs! ow.ly/pJG250zCTrO #fashion

Hootsuite Inc. : The inspirational Lewis Hamilton is our ambassador for Goal 4: Quality Education! Find out why this Goal is so close to the F1 champions heart: ow.ly/OEb750Aa1Cl #LewisHamilton #Formula1 #FormulaOne #Education #TeamLH #QualityEducation

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iPhone : I’m shocked.

According to Freedom of information responses 2,500 children in the UK have been admitted to hospital with malnutrition in the first 6 months of the year. This is 2,500 too many!! twitter.com/guardian/statu…

iPhone : "Just 10% of the region's population make more waste than 50% of the population."

New paper on the carbon inequality in the EU, read thread. twitter.com/diana_nbd/stat…

Hootsuite Inc. : Brief yourself for the week ahead with the #TOGETHERBAND Digest, including the incredible moment #BlackLivesMatter was painted on the street outside Trump Tower in New York: ow.ly/geLU50Awy6P #news #trumptower

Hootsuite Inc. : Right now it’s important that we act fast - together. We need your help to raise vital funds to support the COVID-19 response. ow.ly/rZSB50zCUNS #coronavirus #covid19 #togetherfund

Hootsuite Inc. : #Coronavirus has meant that more children have been missing out on school - unless we take action this will widen the education gap like never before: ow.ly/FIl550A3Lbx #education #goal4 #qualityeducation

Hootsuite Inc. : #DavidBeckham supports #Goal3: Good Health and Wellbeing - which #globalgoal means the most to you? ow.ly/SJga50zJl88 #football

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Hootsuite Inc. : Women and young girls are much more likely to suffer low self esteem than their male peers, we chatted with Olivia Grace about anxiety, body image and insecurity: ow.ly/EKlK50Aquhg #girls #genderequality

Hootsuite Inc. : 'At this time, as we face the Corona crisis, we must protect our health more than ever.' - Cauã Reymond supports #Goal3: Good Health and Wellbeing ow.ly/gSxX50Aquoi #cauareymond #goodhealth #coronavirus