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iPhone : both cannot be true.

• if it’s false information, it didn’t come from an IRS leak.

• if it’s an IRS leak, it must be his actual federal tax information.

these clowns can’t even keep a simple train of logic going. 🤡…

iPhone : Me, 1992: computers are going to usher in a new utopia
Me, 2020: Nazis run every social media platform and I can't install an app because the program that you need to install that then installs the app keeps crashing.

iPhone : “It affects virtually no one, it’s an amazing thing.”

203k Americans lost.

67 times more killed than on 9.11

The worst death toll from covid of any country, in a country with ample knowledge and resources.

His failure is beyond comprehension.…

iPhone : Men in Blazers someone want to tell these blokes that making a very public gesture is, itself, an action to fight for equality?

not taking a knee makes space for those folks who don’t “genuinely want change” to ignore the issue altogether.

iPhone : hey, Senator Ted Cruz do you forget 2016, you clown? or are you just that evil that you intentionally ignore what you said four years ago?

oh, and the contested election? that’s all b/c of what you’re doing to sow doubt. setting your own house on fire to collect the insurance.…

iPhone : Ronald Klain Jon Favreau ARE YOU CRAZY? have you listened to ANY of his supporters?! they eat up his lies and the lies they bark on fox news like it’s candy. then they regurgitate it.

i appreciate people who (unlike myself) have perpetual hope, but damnit.. sometimes you have to face reality.

iPhone : just a reminder that Ted Cruz is a clown.

i’d rather any son of mine “never grow balls” than to watch him be publicly cuckolded the way teddy has been.

trump insulted you, belittled you, and your family. now you lick his boots.

how does it taste?…

iPhone : meticulously organized guy who never stops working, holds on to unrequited love until it destroys his life?

it me.…

iPhone : Casting two ballots is illegal.

Don’t listen to the President.…

iPhone : The owner of an old Kenosha camera shop refused to pose with Trump, saying Trump was using him and his shop for political gain. So Trump had the former owner of the shop pretend to be the current owner for a photo op.…