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iPhone : //Character Death

Death and grief in Adventure Time are genuinely soul crushing, I cried making this.

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iPhone : i always say i like to think marceline and flame princess would be great friends esp making music together post finale but i wonder how fp feels abt the fact that she’s dating princess bubblegum

Twitter Web App : i suddenly have so much to say but its 12.30am and i start my new job tomorrow

Twitter Web App : 🍪Hyper Seap🍪 god the way that moment in burning low is misconstrued from ALL different angles makes me so mad. people who stopped watching AT past s5 make me so mad

Twitter Web App : befriending finn + jake, reconnecting with marceline, FP's confrontation, gumbald's perspective - these all helped her see the kingdom as individual parts with distinguished needs rather than one uniform population. it also made her realise she doesnt have to do everything alone

Twitter Web App : i think it's why woke up hurt her so deeply, and why it hit her so hard when flame princess called her a bad person. it's why swapping places with gumbald in the finale dream sequence helped her understand. it's why it meant a lot to her that marceline called her 'nice'

Twitter Web App : i think pb gets so consumed with protecting her people and humanity as a whole that she neglects personal, private relationships. she sees herself as a good person bc of what she does for the common good, but there are Individuals within that whole, and she seems to forget that

Twitter Web App : the way her expression completely shifts when she gets told shes a bad person