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Twitter Web App : Neil Skuse Brims Its just how I see it. Hughton will have various offers once clubs get to the end of the season & make changes. Norwich & Villa will probably change managers when relegated & perhaps might be more appealing. Need to act fast on Hughton or that ship will sail.

Twitter Web App : Michael Hayter James Will all depend on if they appoint in the next week or so - or leave it until the end of the season. But if results are good in the final bunch of games then cant do his chances any harm.

Twitter Web App : Brims Well he ticks all boxes, shows ambition, would raise the clubs profile & without doubt the fans choice. But by no means makes it nailed on. I think if its Hughton it will happen sooner rather than later tho. If its left until the end of season makes it more likely someone else.

Twitter Web App : Brims Ha Ha! Roy's theory is if he throws enough shit at the wall then something will have to stick. Hughton is a good horse to back so he is throwing his eggs in one basket. As far as Im aware, the club are doing due diligence on all options & wont rush into anything.

Twitter Web App : James As for the likes of Ainsworth Lowe too) - success at lower league doesnt always work if you step up. Coleman, no chance! Karanka could be among the names. Whoever it is, in my opinion needs experience of getting a team out the Championship. That would narrow it down a bit.

Twitter Web App : James Terry & Bowyer lack vital experience. Gerrard settled at Rangers, Adkins hasn't replicated his early good work. Robins, Cook, McCarthy, Lowe & Hughton(my 1st choice) probably the front runners. Cant rule out Holden either.

Twitter Web App : Sometimes I think I'd like to live in Australia one day....

Then see things like this and then think HELL NO! twitter.com/SkyNews/status…

Twitter Web App : Can we just make Rishi Sunak Prime Minister now? Speaks so well and one of the only people among those running the country who seems to know what he's doing.

Twitter Web App : Bristol City FC Supporters Page Can't stand him. He has that "only I'm right and nobody else's opinion matters" attitude. The one thing I will give him credit for though, is he does push to get answers when things are going wrong at lower league clubs rather than just being all about the Prem.

Twitter Web App : Sometimes you just got to applaud and appreciate a great goal... even if its not your team 👏👏👏👏 twitter.com/DomStirling/st…

Twitter Web App : Donna Bradshaw Ian Gay I can't see Korey getting a new deal to be honest. Fantastic servant and brought one of the biggest moments to the club in recent memory. But football has no time for sentiment. Harsh reality.

Twitter Web App : Michelle Owen Yeah it seems strange when the weather doesnt require it but I guess its just being consistent in all games. Plus with the players perhaps not being 100% it helps give them a breather. Although a few games in, you'd think they should be back up to full fitness by now.

Twitter Web App : Ian Gay Fevs This is the difference to appointing a manager/head coach before the end of this season or after the season is over. The sooner someone comes in the better they can have an input. Otherwise it will come down purely to finance if players come/go/new deals etc...

Twitter Web App : Fevs Ian Gay But how many times has he gone off before half time with a knock costing us a sub and disrupting the team?!

Twitter Web App : Fevs Ian Gay Moore will be worth keeping on with a year extention IF he is going to actually get a chance in the first team. If he is just going to be a bit part player or go on loan - its best for all parties to let him go and recoup some money.

Twitter Web App : Fevs Ian Gay To be honest - I've not seen any of the centre backs this season show consistently they are worthy of a nailed on starting place. Baker perhaps - but injured too much. Kalas seems a shadow of what he was last season despite good spells. Williams, started well but fell apart.

Twitter Web App : Ian Gay Fevs Absolutely. But in the current light - rather than having a manager/head coach to lean on when it comes to whether or not to offer a new deal - Ashton will most likely cut the losses and take the money... if of course an offer comes in.

Twitter Web App : Fevs Ian Gay True. But the money people... Ashton etc... will also want to be looking at the books. No point keeping someone "just in case" the new gaffer might like them when there could be £1-2million to be made