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Buffer : We have to remove the stigma mental illness has in the workplace. We have to make it OK for people to show up & say, I’m struggling right now. Im doing my best, but I’m having a hard time.

I got fired for struggling with depression & its not OK: buff.ly/3qLskHa

Buffer : `Tiny Buddhas Mindfulness Kit is now $39! Relax, unwind, de-stress: buff.ly/3nomaLj

Buffer : You don’t need a fad diet. You don’t need to bully your body into submission. You don’t need to whip yourself into shape. You need to love yourself into better health—physical & emotional. Meditation is a great start.

How I lost 30 pounds by meditating: buff.ly/2Ly0luR

Buffer : “Stress is not what happens to us. It’s our response to what happens, and response is something we can choose.” ~Maureen Killoran

Life can be stressful, but most of the pressure we feel originates within our own minds. Heres how to find peace and relief: buff.ly/3p2aZcB

Buffer : If you re a giver, always looking out for others, always feeling drained because you break yourself so others can stay together, take a break from it. Add value to your own life first. Add self-love and peace to your life first. ~Sylvester McNutt

Buffer : ...there is no shame in ‘failing’ in a marriage, especially if that marriage is toxic... at the end of the day, an abusive person who is not willing to self-reflect is not likely to change. ~Angela Savage

Leaving an abusive marriage: buff.ly/2JzmQOa

Buffer : Stop being so sensitive is code for allow me to abuse you, gaslight you, and/or disrespect your boundaries in peace. ~Mrs. Bundrige

Buffer : “Until you heal your past, your life patterns and relationships will continue to be the same; it’s just the faces that change.” ~Unknown

How to break painful relationship patterns: buff.ly/2LNNB3g

Buffer : Things I refuse to do anymore:

1. Explain myself to someone outside my inner circle.
2. Bend my truth to make someone else comfortable.
3. Apologize for setting a boundary.

~Rebecca Ray

Buffer : Being alone doesnt have to mean being lonely. Sometimes we just need to stop distracting ourselves and reconnect with ourselves.

How spending time alone helped me overcome my loneliness: buff.ly/3sCNPvw

Buffer : Love is not all you need. You need mutual respect. You need support. You need trust. You need boundaries. You need people to be there when it matters. You need space to grow and acceptance when you do. You need people to show their love in a way you can understand. Nedra Tawwab

Buffer : Gaslighting is a form of emotional manipulation that causes you to question your memory, perception, or sanity. Youre not crazy. They just want you to think you are.

How I healed from gaslighting and found self-love after the abuse: buff.ly/2tcL4r2

Buffer : You dont have to say youre fine if youre not. You dont have to say somethings okay when it isnt. Its okay to be honest and share your feelings, needs, desires, and boundaries. If you dont, who will?

9 easy ways to speak your truth: buff.ly/2QpYlnl

Buffer : I am not impressed by money, status, or job title. Im impressed by the way you treat other human beings.

Buffer : It doesn’t matter if the rapist was male, female, or any other gender identity. If someone denies consent, it’s rape. Heres how we can support male survivors of sexual assault instead of reinforcing toxic masculinity rooted in rape culture: buff.ly/3oX21xf

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Buffer : Perhaps the butterfly is proof you can go through a great deal of darkness yet still become something beautiful. ~Beau Taplin