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iPhone : The scene with Orso and Leo dining before the battle was very well done too. Great to have it from the idiots POV and see how cleverly competent Orso was at sowing doubts in his head lol

iPhone : Didn’t imagine I’d come away loving Orso so much he was great in this series, as was dumb ass Leo. Clovers ending was very satisfying and quite a good comeuppance on a very annoying character. Loved shivers as always and it was great that Tunny returned as well.

iPhone : Finished the trouble with peace last night, loved it. Stayed up till 4 finishing it. The end just had a terminal velocity that sucked you in. Reminded me a lot of the heroes which I think I will re-read. Joe Abercrombie is still the best can’t wait till the final volume

iPhone : I’ve collected many stills of that annoying girl from the vote for Biden tik tok each more garish then the last but I just seeing them in my camera roll bums me out