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iPhone : I’m honestly speechless

You can get shot because you’re just ... standing on your property?

Are those officers receiving any training whatsoever?…

iPhone : Black software engineers, how are you using your skills for The Movement? How would you want to use your skills? Can we team up?

The software development lifecycle doesn’t jive w/ the immediacy & adaptability of grassroots movements, how can we make an impact? #BlackTechTwitter

iPhone : A quick reminder that as long as Twitter is free my tweeting policy is simple:

I tweet whatever the heck I want and the unfollow button is right there 😅

iPhone : Just kidding, not only Germany was not told about the mines but British Ministry of Defense immediately scrapped the project as soon as they’ve realized that it miiiight not be a good idea

iPhone : I guess the moral of the story is that no matter how stupid your idea is it cannot be more ridiculous than some of the projects scientists were *paid* for in 1950s

(also if you live in north Germany - beware of nuclear chicken mines)

iPhone : Project Blue Peacock file was declassified on 1 April 2004

It was an absolute accident that a project this ridiculous was declassified on April Fools but it seems fitting IMO

iPhone : Apparently chickens are some kind of bioheaters and can be used to keep the mines warm enough for a week or so

This is one of those things that make you go “I *guess* this might work but WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT”

iPhone : The scientists had to figure out how to make the mines warm enough for around a week (before they explode)

After much thinking (I swear I’m not making this up) they decided to


bury an actual god damn chicken inside of the nuclear weapon casing and put both in the ground

iPhone : But what’s up with the 🐔?

Apart from the fact that the whole plan was fucking stupid there were also technical difficulties

During winter objects (such as nuclear mines) buried in the ground tend to get very, very cold - messing up with their electronics

iPhone : You see, the plan was to not to bomb the shit out of your own territory for no reason - Project Blue Peacock was meant to be used during a Soviet invasion

Therefore, the bombs were set to be either detonated by wire or on a 8 day timer