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iPhone : 📅 Dont forget to join us during the #ASCO20 Ed Program Opening Session tmrw @ 8:30 AM ET for a #COVID19 roundtable discussion w Ned Sharpless, MD

iPhone : #NIH has issued a funding opportunity announcement for wastewater detection of SARS-COV-2 (#COVID19) as part of the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics-Radical (RADx-rad) initiative. Apply here:

iPhone : Masks can help prevent the spread of #COVID19 when they are widely used in public. When you wear a mask, you can help protect those around you. When others wear one, they can help protect people around them, incl. you. bit.ly/3ee8iP4 #WearAMask #DoYourPart #WorldMaskWeek

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iPhone : I wanted to discuss the degree to which population immunity may be contributing to curbing #COVID19 in Florida, Arizona and Texas, where recent surges have resulted in substantial epidemics. 1/16

iPhone : An astute piece by Dr. Christina Chapman, M.D., M.S. on structural #racism & downstream disparities in capture of pt-reported outcomes in #clinicaltrials.

“Future rsrch...should focus on understanding how we created a world in which pts forgo the opportunity to use their own voices.” 🔥Amen twitter.com/christinachapm…

iPhone : “Science is like a detective story. If you’re good at it, you’ll discover something that no one ever knew before. What’s not to love about that? I was hooked.”

-Dr. Francis Collins Francis S. Collins

#COVID19 #pandemic #VaccinesWork


iPhone : Can’t wait to be part of the ASCO broadcast session that’s part of the #ASCO20 virtual meeting. I’ll be getting real and speaking about the use of real world evidence in drug approvals. “See” you on Monday August 10 at 4 pm! twitter.com/FDAOncology/st…

iPhone : If you haven’t gone back to read your tweets from the start of the #pandemic, it’s fascinating to see what our ideas, expectations, & concerns were. This was from 3/14/20. What I remember most from March was the urgency & unity of #MedTwitter. It felt almost like internship. twitter.com/tmprowell/stat…

iPhone : rck We have one person who is allergic and kind of ambivalent about a pet, 3 who want the pet, and 1 who is not allergic but is trying to keep enough creatures alive already.

iPhone : There are likely near/long term psychological effects of #COVID19 but it's important to remember that important neuropsychiatric/cardiopulm sequelae may also be present. "anxiety" should be a diagnosis of exclusion for survivors with persistent symptoms. Lakshman Swamy Jessi Gold twitter.com/amyismall/stat…

iPhone : #COVID19 has impacted communities of color at an alarmingly higher rate than their white counterparts. Director & Founder from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Equity Lisa A. Cooper, MD is bringing attention to the disparity and potential solutions to this issue.

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